Progressive Real Estate Team Seeking Agents

What should a Candidate Possess?:
·         A Passion for Real Estate
·         Strong Sales Experience
·         A Devotion towards Client Service
·         Great Phone Skills
·         General Computer Knowledge
·         A Strong Work Ethic
·         A Continuous Desire for Self-Improvement
·         Focus and Determination
·         Good Moral Standards and Core Values

Who is this a Great Fit For?:
·         Wants to build a strong foundation for a career in Real Estate
·         Is motivated by money
·         Listens, loves to learn and has a desire to grow
·         Works well in a team atmosphere and is driven by working with motivated individuals
·         Wants full time employment and wants to work where the conversions are high
·         Has a flexible schedule and can work evenings and weekends when necessary

What do you as an agent get?:
·         Leads, leads and more leads
·         The opportunity to focus on sales functions and what you do best
·         The benefits of expensive advertising, staff, software and systems for free
·         Professional coaching and mentorship
·         A fun, exciting and challenging environment of teamwork that allows you to achieve your Goals
·         Unlimited income potential and freedom from the “so called” down market

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