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Opportunity Awaits With Our Team

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Our real estate team is compartmentalized and we have professionals for every step of the buying and selling process. This sort of specialization allows the best customer experience for for our clients. Today I'm talking to Kathleen, one of our buyer’s agents.

In a little over a year, Kathleen has closed 28 transactions and has done more than $3.7 million in production. As a buyer’s specialist, Kathleen represents the buyer and helps them get the right financing, sets up home showings, sets up inspections, negotiates offers, and much more. Her day is dedicated to making the lives of her customers easier.

Kathleen is given an abundance of leads every day, and this is why her production is so high. The Ryan and Brian Team have a strong online presence, and this helps her find leads and properties for her clients to move into.
In a little over a year, Kathleen has closed 28 transactions.
One reason why Kathleen has excelled in her first year is because of the training programs offered by our team. Weekly one-on-one meetings and daily role playing exercises have helped her to nail down her scripts and execute when it matters. Kathleen likes the fact that the systems and tools she needs to succeed are already here for her. The administrative staff assists her with all of the documentation which makes her job easier. She just needs to plug herself into the systems and she can continue to succeed.

If you would like to learn more about working with the Ryan and Brian Team, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always looking to add qualified and hardworking individuals to our team.

We look forward to hearing from you!

How to Become 70% More Likely to Convert Leads

Did you know that by calling new leads within five minutes of acquiring
them, you’re 21 times more likely to convert them?

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As a new agent, you may be wondering what to do with all your new leads and how long you should wait before responding. Today we are going to discuss three reasons why your response time matters.

When a new lead comes in, about how long do you usually wait before reaching out? If you wait any longer than five minutes, you could be missing out on a decent chunk of income. Why should you call new leads this quickly?

By calling a lead in five minutes rather than 30 minutes, you are 21 times more likely to convert that lead. With information so readily available at our fingertips these days, it’s no wonder consumers grow impatient at a quicker rate than they used to. In fact, a recent study by Microsoft revealed that people now lose focus after just eight seconds! This tells us that leads are more perishable than ever. When people want information from an expert, they want it right now.

Waiting more than five minutes
 to follow up could be costly.

Did you know that 70% of consumers will work with the first agent they meet face to face? This goes hand in hand with our first point – the quicker you get ahold of your prospect, the quicker you will be able to figure out a day and time that works for them to meet face to face, and you’ll be 70% more likely to have a new client.

We also know that 72% of people would work with the same agent again. In fact, some Realtors have a business based solely on their referrals. If your client has a good experience with you, chances are they will go with you again or recommend you to a friend or colleague. This statistic shouldn’t just motivate you to be the first person they talk to or meet up with; it should motivate you to stay in contact with your clients in one way or another.

Keep these figures in mind when deciding when to call your leads. If you are interested in hearing what The Ryan & Brian Team has to offer, give us a call today to set up an appointment with us. We hope to hear from you soon!