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How to Grow Your Business Using Social Media

Thanks for joining on our video blog.  Gone are the days when home buyers would open a newspaper to look for properties for sale or look up names of real estate agents in a phonebook. Home-buyers today are online looking for that house to call their own.

Therefore, it is imperative for any real estate agent to use social media in marketing their businesses and listings. And while any realtor can open a Facebook or Instagram account, it's not always as clear on how to use social media as a tool to send the right message to the right people at the right time. Here are a few great ways for real estate agents to market on social media.

 Be Authentic
Your customers don’t want to read impersonal posts about the importance of keeping in touch with their REALTOR®. Instead, be human and be yourself. Write posts that show your company’s personality and watch your online community begin to engage and grow.

Use more Videos and Photos.
Sharing images and video clips on your social media platforms can greatly enhance the engagement level of real estate agents online. People love photos. The biggest reason Facebook went from zero to 1 billion users in nearly 10 years is photos. Photos and videos tell stories about you in ways text alone cannot. A picture really is worth a thousand words – and a video is worth a thousand pictures.

It is very important to post good quality images. The use of professional photography won’t hurt, but when doing it yourself, only use filters that make the subject look natural. Sharing 15-second video clips that showcase a house up for sale will also be a part of a winning strategy.

Practice the 80/20 Rule
Try to stick to the 80/20 rule: 80% of posts ought to be customer-centric while 20% should be about the business.

It also helps the cause of agents to post about happenings in and around their communities like local charity events and school-related activities. This community-mindedness also helps to position you as a thought leader, rather than just a seller.

 Ask Questions
If you are wondering why nobody’s responding to your posts on Facebook, it’s probably because you’re not asking questions. Social media is about engagement and having a conversation, not about self-promotion. If a realtor posts a question as simple as  “What’s your favorite type of flooring?” or “What is the best part of home shopping experience?” people will be more likely to comment online and engage with the company.

Be Hands-On
Once you've opened your business social media account, the next crucial step is to post consistently and strategically.  The use of a tool like HootSuite is one way to manage social media accounts without spending too much time. With HootSuite, real estate agents can schedule all their posts in one place and far in advance.

Don't forget to always respond to authentic comments or messages on your social media channels as quickly as possible. This shows and tells future and current clients that you are an engaged real estate agent who is paying attention to feedback and inquiries.

 Measure Social Media Metrics
Finally, real estate agents should identify and track their social media metrics to gain a better understanding of which strategies are working and which should be replaced or tweaked. Metrics like the number of "likes" per share, number of followers and level of engagement can guide real estate agents toward what they ought to do with their social media campaigns. Facebook audience insights will tell you which kind of posts generate interest, and which kind lead to unfollows. Follow this wisely.

The tips discussed today are critical to maintaining and growing an online community, but if you stop thinking like a marketer and start thinking like a customer, you’ll understand the secret to social media is in the “social” more than in the “media”  For more information & ideas on how to grow your business, give me a call at 956-307-4544 to set up an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you.

How Do We Set Our Employees Up for Success? Hear What We Are About from One of Our Rockstar Agents

Our real estate team is compartmentalized and we have professionals for every step of the buying and selling process. This sort of specialization allows the best customer experience for you. Today, we are sitting with a long time agent of ours Kathleen Mena.
In a her first full year of business in 2014, Kathleen has closed 25 deals for $3.4 million in production and over $50,00 in commission. As a buyer’s specialist, Kathleen represents the buyer and helps them get the right financing, sets up home showings, sets up inspections, negotiates offers, and much more. Her day is dedicated to making the lives of her customers easier. In 2017, Kathleen closed 34 deals for $6.2 million in production and just under $70,000 in commission.
Kathleen is given an abundance of leads every day, and this is why her production is so high. The Ryan and Brian team has a strong online presence, and this helps find leads and properties for her clients to move into.
One reason why Kathleen has excelled in her first year is because of the training programs offered by our team. Weekly one-on-one meetings and daily role play exercises have helped her to nail down her scripts and execute when it matters. Kathleen likes the fact that the systems and tools she needs to succeed are already here for her. The administrative staff assists her with all of the documentation, and so her job is made easier. She just needs to plug herself into the systems and she can continue to succeed.
If you would like to learn more about working with the Ryan and Brian Team, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always looking to add qualified and hardworking individuals to our team.
We look forward to hearing from you!